These past two days have been great

They don’t necessarily work in my favor completely, but they have been quite great and fantastic.

Today I was with my family absolutely all day with maybe a slight upset here and there, but it’s okay because we are family & we let things slide and get over things easily.

This morning I woke up just in time to go out to eat with my father to his favorite Mexican restaraunt, Tres Palmas. Gabriel came along as well! But he makes everything none boring! I got to know my dad a little bit better. We had one of those talks again. Maybe that makes us weird, but whatever. I’m grateful I have such a great connection with him. Some people don’t have close to what I have. Then came home to my siblings, mother was still at work, and we went into our little pool. I consider it ghetto but it’s good enough for me! I got a sweet tan! I’m brown all over.  It looks kinda even with my short tan! My mother got home around this period. Then afterwards we all watched a movie (all together again). & my grandmother had came by and we all went outside. The came back inside to finish what we started. Then we had chilli cheese dogs & they were delish!! Afterwards, I had a good work out with my little sister. & then danced and sang with my mother and sister. Happy day.

I’m cute.